First blog post

Welcome to my brand new website. I have decided it was long overdue that I set up a website, as not everyone likes to use social media these days. Here I will share images of completed artworks, and some of my thoughts and inspirations behind these images. I will continue to share WIP shots of my work via my social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The below image is “Mourning” and was created using white charcoal pencil, 2b graphite pencil, and black charcoal on a piece of A3 Reeves Black 140gsm paper. After a couple of years predominantly painting,  I have recently rediscovered a love of drawing with pencils. I really enjoy being able to create fine details with a sharp pencil. I exhibited this piece at the Inaugural Pegasus Bay Art Show, and was thrilled when it sold. I was also very touched to be told by someone that this piece reminded them of a recently deceased family member. It is always quite touching to hear when someone has felt a strong connection to a piece of my art. 14444931_1207930045963164_7588904414262710524_o


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