It is that time of year again, time to get planning what I intend to exhibit at the annual Waikuku Artists Inc exhibition in February. This year the theme is “Colours”. On the 20th of November I need to have one work ready to be photographed, as the group puts together a lovely catalogue each year. This catalogue will contain an image of 1 artwork and a blurb from each artist exhibiting. This year we are also very lucky to have the incredibly talented Svetlana Orinko as guest artist.

As so much of my work recently has been monochromatic I have struggled a wee bit thinking about how I can incorporate the theme “Colours” into my work without compromising on my evolving style. I have finally decided I am going to incorporate colours into the background of my works, but still keep the figures in black and white. The colours I will be using for each work will hopefully help the viewer connect more with the emotion or energy I feel is being displayed by each subject. I am also contemplating creating these works as mixed media artworks, by possibly drawing the figures in white charcoal on black paper, and then fixing those drawings onto canvas panels using an acrylic medium. Then I will use acrylic paints and inks to give the colourful backgrounds. I have been contemplating for a while about how best to combine my love of drawing and painting, and think this will be a lot of fun.

Watch this space…

Concept Sketches for WAI17

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