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Im a mum of 2, a self taught artist and art lover from Waikuku, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

I draw. I paint. I scribble. I see beauty and tiny details all around me. I am often inspired by my own experiences in life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.

To me it’s all about just doing the art. The more I create, the more I am learning. I have painted many different subjects including landscapes, and still lifes, but always find myself returning to drawing people and animals. I have recently returned to my first love of drawing with pencils. To capture emotions and movement of the human form is something that I find incredibly rewarding.I have enjoyed exploring using different mediums over the years including pencil, charcoals (White and black) acrylic paint, pastels, acrylic inks and watercolours. It is exciting to see the way that my work is constantly evolving.

I feel blessed to be able to create art, and through my art I have been fortunate to meet some incredibly inspiring people, and I look forward to being able to continue on this journey for many more years.

I hope you enjoy this slideshow showcasing some of my artworks, both old and new.To see regular updates of what I am currently working on you can follow me on facebook and instagram:




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Mandy has been a member of the Waikuku Artists Incorporated(WAI) since 2010 and participated in her first exhibition at the annual WAI exhibition in February 2011, and has continued to exhibit with them every February since.

In 2014 Mandy made the decision to stop thinking of her art as a hobby and set up her Facebook page as a means of promoting her art. Since then she has focused her time on developing her skills, sought out more exhibition opportunites, and taken on commissions.

2016 Mandy became a member of Arts Canterbury. She was also involved with the organisation of the very first Annual Pegasus Bay Art Show(PBAS). Mandy and a small dedicated team of helpers successfully raised nearly $8500 for Pegasus Bay School at the first show, and a further $9000 in the 2nd, with a portion of the profits raised going towards an arts program at the school. PBAS also provided an exciting new opportunity for Canterbury artists to showcase their works in North Canterbury.

March 2017 Mandy received 2nd place in the drawing category at the Biennel Brighton Gallery Art Awards for her white charcoal artwork “Dancing shadow and light”.

July 2017 “Freedom”, a book written by Keith Morant, and illustrated by Mandy was published to be shown alongside Keiths exhibition at the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery,Christchurch.

August 2017 Mandy had a watercolour painting “Trust” accepted into the 2017 Edinburgh Realty Premier Art Awards at the Dunedin Railway Station.

In October 2017 Mandy was interviewed by post-grad journalism student Bianca Dryden for one of her assignments which you can read here to learn a bit more about Mandy:


December 2017 Mandy was invited to show an artwork in “The Summer Show”, a group exhibition at the Art on the Quay gallery in Kaiapoi.

February 2018 Mandy had her white charcoal artwork “As light as a shadow” accepted in the first juried Arts Canterbury exhibition sponsored by The Morant Foundation. The Morant Foundation has been set up by internationally acclaimed artists Keith Morant and his wife Patricia to promote the arts in Canterbury, and to offer opportunities for Canterbury artists to showcase their works.

June 2018 Mandy had “Delicate Strength” accepted in the 2nd Arts Canterbury juried exhibition held at The Windsor Gallery and sponsored by The Morant Foundation.

Mid 2018 Mandy was invited to join the executive committee of Arts Canterbury. Her experience and skills gained from working with the WAI and the PBAS were seen to be a valuable asset to Arts Canterbury.