Exciting times!!

I am thrilled to finally be able to share with you something that I have been working on recently! As part of his upcoming exhibition “Ringing True”, opening on the 12th of August 2017,  Christchurch Artist Keith Morant has written a wonderful book which I have had the honour of illustrating! I have been so fortunate to be given this opportunity by Keith and I am really looking forward to seeing the book once it has been printed.

Keith Morant  lives and works in New Zealand but travels regularly to exhibit in America and Europe. He has recently returned from an artists residency in Venice. Recent years have seen his work impact on the global art scene and he has been honoured with many International art awards. Take a look at Keiths Website to learn a bit more about him:


I feel so privileged to have been given this opportunity to illustrate this book alongside Keiths beautiful poetry. So often in my other artworks I have focused on the small details, so it is has been a welcome challenge to take a step back for this book to create something simpler.


Edited 15/07  Hot off the press!! The book is now available for purchase! Just NZ$10 + Postage.  Simply message me via my contact page to order yours now 🙂

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